We enter into a reasonable fee agreement with you and immediately arrange to take the necessary steps to advance your case.

Once we have the necessary details of your case, we lodge an application with the Injuries Board and progress your case to a conclusion. Very often, a case will end with a settlement or an assessment by the Injuries Board. We will advise you as to how best to proceed including advice, if necessary on bringing your case to Court.

We will then guide you through the entire Court process, keeping you up to date with developments in your case. Working with the Barrister in the case and the professional witnesses retained on your behalf, we will bring your case to a hearing before a Judge who will decide the outcome.

Whether your case settles, goes to the Injuries Board or goes to Court, we will ensure you get the best possible outcome in a timely and cost effective way.

*In contentious business a Solicitor may not calculate fees or other charges as a percentage or proportion of any award of settlement

Personal Injuries